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«Rainy Guy»

«Rainy Guy»

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Glad to see you on my Rainy Guy channel! My name is Alexander, I really love rain and snow. In our everyday hustle and bustle, we often miss this. Therefore, my hobby is creating videos that will help you improve your mood, relax and sleep. On my channel, you can find many videos of rain and snow sounds to help you not only relax, but also focus your attention while working or studying. You can use the video as a screensaver that will create a cozy atmosphere for you for a long time. I shoot and create all the videos myself and use the following programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Sometimes I add content created in collaboration with other creators to my videos, with all the necessary licenses and commercial use rights. Please like and write comments below the video. By this you will support my channel, for which I will be very grateful to you)

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