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«CFN Channel»

«CFN Channel»

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Hеllo😊We are CFN team. We enjoy sharing the atmosphere of the Russian chess club CFN in Moscow. Our tournaments are without a fee for players rated from 1500 (FIDE /Russian rating). We provide our players with the opportunity to play in comfortable conditions and on the best equipment of world standards. At the same time, chess players of different levels play here: from amateurs to world champions. Each of our tournaments is accompanied by a live broadcast on our channel. In addition to the official chess games, there are videos with our residents in an informal setting, interviews with them, extransory chess with Fatality, streams with CFN club members on lichess. The basis of our channel is chess in a traditional format, but we are not afraid of experimenting in this and are open to new ideas and projects. 🇷🇺Регулярные живые турниры по блицy без вноса для игроков с рейтингом от 1500. Москва, б-р Генерала Карбышева 8 ст3. Кафе "Охота". Среда 20.00. Воскресенье 13.00

Топ 5 самых популярных видео канала

CFN. Blitz. Black Monster (2216) vs Fatality (1869)

3 месяца назад
636 851 просмотр

CFN II-VI Rapid Gotsiuk (2014) 1:0 Pinkamena (1345)

6 месяцев назад
433 379 просмотров

R. Shogdzhiev (1893) vs Fatality (1925). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

2 месяца назад
375 792 просмотра

Lada (1886) vs Crouching Tiger (1816). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

1 месяц назад
214 520 просмотров

Pinkamena (1575) vs Lada (1877). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

1 месяц назад
189 580 просмотров

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