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bigstackD Casting

bigstackD Casting

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ASMR Metal Melting . No Music No Talking just the sounds of the tools & furnace, I just show the scrap breakdown and the Melting process from start to finish with all the good stuff in between and all the BS edited out! I dumpster dive for trash to melt and visit the scrapyard often. I like to melt pretty much anything especially the normal every stuff that people just throw out and don’t think twice about. Melting metals is dangerous but very rewarding.I cast Copper,Brass,Aluminium,Silver,Nordic Gold,Bronze ETC I make a heap of alloys along the way. I’ve uploaded every Friday for 6 years running👍🏻 I make metal skulls knives guns plaques coins and various other items😁 I have a donate PayPal button in my cover art and %100 of all moneys donated go into my videos in the way of purchasing mainly propane refills.If you want send me a letter or something special to the address below D Heighway P O Box 7192 Eaton , WA 6232 Australia REMEMBER TO SUB AND ENJOY YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

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