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«30X40 Design Workshop»

«30X40 Design Workshop»

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I make videos about architecture, design simple modern homes + share the process behind the making of architecture. Architecture tutorials, portfolio and design advice for students and professionals, architecture short courses, sketching and drawing workshops, architectural essays, product + book reviews. Videos revealing the thinking, the process and the ideas behind the making of architecture with a focus on residential design. It's an inside look into a growing architecture practice on a small island in Maine. 30X40 Design Workshop was founded, Eric Reinholdt, an award-winning architect, entrepreneur, and author of the "Architect + Entrepreneur" book series. He's an avid mountain hiker, father, husband, guitar player, documentary film fan, home brewer and native New Yorker. My practice is headquartered in a custom designed "Long Studio" on Mount Desert Island just off the coast of Maine, home to Acadia National Park. Here I design simple, modern custom homes of all scales.

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