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«White Rose Guidance»

«White Rose Guidance»

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Описание канала

Hello beautiful stars! I aim to bring you messages that bring clarity, insight, peace, healing, hope using my large library of tarot and oracle decks. You might also gain some new astrological insight from my channel as I've studied astrology for many years and adore it 🙂 💫🌹 ZODIAC READINGS: Please check out my sister channel! White Rose Zodiac Readings 🌹💫 PERSONAL READINGS: At this time, I am not doing personal readings, but thank you for your interest! ❗❗ Attention! These are my only social media pages for tarot. All others are fakes/scams! Be careful please ❗❗ https://www.instagram.com/whiteroseguidance/ https://www.facebook.com/whiteroseguidance https://www.tiktok.com/@whiteroseguidance

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