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Indie games! No commentary indie game walkthroughs, game guides and first looks! My goal is to provide an immersive experience when playing through games & Introduce you to new indie games! All gameplay videos on the channel are played & edited by me. If you are a game developer and want me to make a video of your game, send me a message on Twitter, or at Email below. You can also offer me game keys through Keymailer or woovit. (Not open for sponsorships but will happily receive game keys!)

Топ 5 самых популярных видео канала

ABSOLUTE MASSACRE! | Last Year: The Nightmare Closed Beta

2 года назад
3 517 233 просмотра

Hello Neighbor 2 - Full Alpha 1.5 Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary)

10 месяцев назад
1 723 837 просмотров

Cuphead - All Simple Difficulty Boss Intros & Knockout/Death Animations

3 года назад
1 099 365 просмотров

Blasphemous - Full Game & True Ending (Longplay) (No Commentary)

2 года назад
777 364 просмотра

CARRION - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough 100% (No Commentary)

1 год назад
773 227 просмотров

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